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When it comes to electric guitars, there are plenty of options to choose from. Today, electric guitars entail the most vital ingredient in any rock n roll sound and choosing a electric guitar( a good one) can deem to be a daunting experience especially if you have no idea on what to look for in one. So, to help you in making a well informed decision while purchasing your first electric guitar, below is a detailed guide that will help you navigate through the bunch of information that will come your way when researching about your new or next instrument.

1. Sample and feel.

Just like some body accessories, the sure fire to acquire the right guitar is through sampling different guitar brands until you find the one that best suits you. You can play different guitars at the store. Hold them. Try shifting your playing positions i.e while both sited and standing. You can try plucking it way down low or even very high up in the air. Of course it’s different horses for different courses- there are never hard nor fast rules but once you let your ears, eyes and hands be the judge, you will be able to distinguish the right one from the rest.

2. Bench mark with your “idol’s”

Everyone wants a guitar that will make them feel “wow” and that changes from person to person. Using your favorite guitar idol can be a starting point when choosing a electric guitar. Possessing a guitar similar to your idol can make a whole big difference. After all, most individuals decide to learn guitar playing once they have been inspired by a certain band or guitarist. It’s worth noting that your guitar should be an instrument that inspires you. And some things can inspire someone more than that person they really admire.

3. Identify your musical tastes.

If you don’t have a guitar idol from whom you can benchmark from. You will have to consider what kind of music you (or the person you are buying that guitar for) likes. This is just a very general rule of the thumb that will help a buyer to select the perfect electric guitar. With time you will understand that whereas some instruments may seem to look the part and even fall within your budget range, they simply won’t produce the exact type of music that you are trying to play. Some tones can suit a certain type of music better while others can only be attained using a certain gear combination. Either way, it’s always best if you have an idea on what type of music you wish to produce as this forms a perfect basis when choosing a electric guitar.

4. Identify your budget.

As with any other purchase, pre-planning and evaluating your budget is vital. You won’t necessarily have to mortgage your house to purchase a good guitar, however, price is still a key determinant in settling on what instrument to buy. Once you settle on what to buy, look at the price range and go ahead with the purchase- if you have the money right away and you are comfortable. However, if the instruments costs a few more bucks, don’t worry. Take some ample time to reassess your finances and plan ahead. Patience is always a virtue- remember.

5. It won’t hurt to get professional advice.

Most musical instrument dealers will always be happy to help you grasp what to look for when purchasing your new instrument. Get some several opinions if you are new to guitars. Many electric guitar outlets usually have experienced players in their staff who won’t hesitate to impart some experience and wisdom on you. These opinions will shed plenty of light to you and will be beneficial when the time to buy your new guitar finally comes.

Ultimately, you will want to make the best purchase for yourself or the person who will be playing the instrument while remaining within your budget. As stated, its just important to get an idea of what the player is looking for, their preferred styles and musical tastes as well as the perfect look. And once you adhere to the above tips, choosing a perfect instrument won’t be a hassle.


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