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Switching between guitar chords

Switching between guitar chords

Simple shortcuts for switching between guitar chords

If you’re new to playing the guitar, it is normal to have a hard time learning how to make a swift switch from one guitar chord to another. This may leave you frustrated and puzzled on whether the more experienced folk are using some kind of magic. Well, it’s not magic or voodooism of any kind. I’m here to give you a few tricks to help you become a pro at what you do faster than you can say Lord Voldemort!

Shortcuts to switch between guitar chords

The one thing you need to understand about shortcuts is that what we’re looking for essentially, is a way to change to the next chord without having to move all your fingers. Let’s outline a few ways we can do this.

Playing G, C9 and D chords:

When playing these three chords, the fret positions are almost similar. To move from G to C9, you only move the index and middle fingers, the rest stay intact. When moving from C9 to D, only the middle finger stays in place, while you move all the rest. That means that while moving across the three chords, the middle finger stays intact at all times.

Playing G to Em chords

When playing these two chords, the pivot finger is the index finger. That means that as you transition between G to Em, the index finger stays in place, while you move all the other fingers. In the end, you’ll only have the index and middle finger on the strings.

Playing Em to C

When playing these two chords, the pivot finger is the middle finger. You, therefore, get to move all the other fingers while it stays in place. In the end, you’ll only have the middle finger and the index finger on the strings.


Given the few tricks outlined above, it is important to understand that the only way to be good at your craft is to practice as much as you can. That’s the only way you’ll ever get to fool someone into thinking that you were born as a guitar prodigy.

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